Holy Trinity University, BS Hotel and Restaurant Management.


Yona was raised in Palawan, Philippines, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree. She actively engaged in government work, assuming the role of an administrative officer for the Community Enhancement and Livelihood Project (CELP) under the Provincial Government of Palawan. In this capacity, she led the promotion and implementation of a community-based approach to rehabilitating individuals who were previously dependent on drugs. Concurrently, Yona provided valuable mentorship to undergraduate students, offering guidance in their thesis and feasibility studies writing.

Yona is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Research and Development Management at the University of the Philippines, exemplifying her commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.Outside of her professional endeavors, Yona finds solace in the natural beauty of Palawan.

She continues to live on the island and often spends her weekends exploring the stunning beaches with her two young boys.