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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We help businesses compete directly for grants and contracts as well as strategize on how to partner with other grant-funded organizations.

No. Generally, grant preparation costs or fees cannot be paid from awarded grant funds. We believe the most transparent and fairest compensation model for our work is hourly or flat fee.

No. You can cancel anytime.

Yes. Our team can manage compliance and reporting, including procurement oversight and vendor communication.

Yes. We love working with multiple entities within the same community, which allows us to show collaboration – something highly favored with most grant makers – and compete for larger amounts of funds.

Yes. Simple Grants can conduct short research around a funding priority area or develop a Comprehensive Grant Strategy across multiple funding priority areas. We advise on likelihood of success and make recommendations for what to request. We can also craft your application from start to finish or assist your team in managing the process. Once we know what grant opportunities to pursue, we develop a custom Work Plan with a detailed quote for approval before we engage.