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New grants right
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Who We Serve

Your mission and organization are unique. At Simple Grants, we customize our services to seamlessly integrate with your workflow. When partnering with us, you get a diverse team of experienced grant professionals looking out for your interests.

Since our team members live and work in different cities, our business systems are designed with results-oriented virtual collaboration in mind. No matter where you live, Our team can provide full-service grant navigation.


State Agencies
Tribal Organizations


State Departments of Education
Institutions of Higher Education
Local Education Agencies
Charter Schools


501c 3s
Economic Development Organizations
Chambers of Commerce
Private and Corporate Foundations


Government Contractors
Broadband Providers
Energy Providers
Workforce Solution Providers
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Our team of experts has secured over $240M in grant funding and can help with as much or as little as you need across all aspects of the grant lifecycle. Schedule a call with our team today to see how we can help you locate, secure, and manage grant funding.